Ayn Rand

For the admirer of philosophical classics: Ayn Rand is well recognized.I completed reading her 2 of the masterpieces : The Fountainhead & The Atlas Shrugged.

The FountainHead & The Atlas Shrugged

Anyone who has read her would have noticed her philosophy engraved in her characters.The Perfectionist, the Bold Muse or Bold Spirit, the eccentrics & the other commons.The initial passive response of the protagonist in the court of the society and then the final philosophical speech voiced to pierce through the heart of the people.In the Fountainhead, i found the character of Howard Roark inspiring & motivating. I was literally bowing to the character.For the protagonist of The Atlas Shrugged i would like to find the answer of the question relevant in today’s world- “Who is John Galt ?”

After reading the books i was trying to think of the corollaries it has in today’s scenario.I started reading her philosophy of Objectivism. It started messing with my thoughts after that.However,soon i realized that the her theory is a subset to the Vedic Theory of Karma Yoga. Yes, i felt that she is propounding the same theory.(Would not go further on the topic of Karma Yoga).All in all it was a mind boggling read.( There were sections when i was amused by the actions of the characters- this can be actually done in real life- Anna’s Movement have few similarities).Please do read her,i know it may mess up some ideas in your head but after all “WHO IS JOHN GALT ?


2 thoughts on “Ayn Rand

  1. That reminds me that I am yet to finish Atlas Shrugged. I don’t know, but I found her writing to be much like a bully. I was like, OK I get it now proceed further. Now I think I need to revisit it and see it from a new perspective. Can’t say I totally disagree with her, but I don’t 100% agree with her ideas.:-(

    1. Even i don’t agree 100% with her ideas.But then i asked why or why not? & that’s what made me read her philosophy & try to understand her point of view.

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