What to say …(N)

Completed reading “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”. It was an e-book and it is a pain to complete one. For me its not even close to reading a hard copy. Now about the book.

I am always attracted to the psychology books. Reading its title and the profile of the author i expected the same, but a thumb down from my side. This book is only about one method – self Talk. The author has done some prominent work in psychology. But reading this it seems outdated.(it might be outdated as i didn’t checked the date of publish). As have been known with the modern times there are problems with his methods also. It explained the 7 layers of how the human mind takes decision. It went from one layer to other, like opening up the layers of onion. (Reading it even made me cry- !!!Why!!!Why i read it, its just a repetition). Most of the meaningful content was already known to me, as i have read the Psychology – a Textbook .Apart that the whole book was filled with statements of self talk. In a way to help reader think what he intends to mean by self-talk. But people may create their own version of self-talk and, in some cases, may lead to negative one. Only in some cases the methods can work and that depends on the person using it. I think for other it just propounds creating a pseudo world of its own. It was more about thinking rather than taking actions. Though it was an easy & fast read, there are other good books proposing the same techniques & methods in a better way.

Right now i have started with Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”. I bought it thinking it was from non-fiction genre.  I am hooked to it now; I have to complete it as fast as possible. (One reason i do not read novels – they need to be finished quickly)

(PS- completed the Osho’s book also)


2 thoughts on “What to say …(N)

  1. Fountainhead is absolute genius of a work.But you have been forewarned you will suffer the side effects of reading an ayn rand work. I never read much into psychology books. I don’t want to know much about me, in this case ignorance is a bliss.

    To draw a parallel the doctor gets petrified even if he gets a small headache 🙂

    1. Yep, i was affected by it, some of the conversation still echoes in my head.:P
      But i have always been fond of Psychology, so the next book of psychology than overcomes the effects of the last one.
      Though after reading this book i want to read the other books by Ayn Rand.. 🙂

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