Thoughts that were..

About the ride of thought i went into after that dream. It seems it is hard to recollect it and write here. Even i am not able to understand it properly. The reason might be that i think mostly in pictures. It’s hard to convey it to you. But let’s try.

I was reading this transcript (not exact- simplified it a bit): “The world is real. Everything is present in reality. If not then why do we get hurt when hit by a stone. The stone is real, the pain is real. Then why do we hear that its a dream. The world is a dream. We are dreaming unaware of the reality”. “Sab moh maya hai”

My take on this after whatever i understood from the text is that the world do exist. But it is not the true form. We perceive this world in our mind. This pseudo perception of the reality is the dream we are living in. It is not the actual reality but is seen with lens of coloured glass of mind. Each one has his own perception, each one observes the truth with his own coloured glasses. Each one makes it real by himself, one’s ego makes it real. To try to understand it in some way & make out some meaning in it. The ego creates this dream of reality.

I am not going to go further with this now. After this point, bundles of questions start coming to my mind. It cannot be recollected now & answered hereby. It will take time for me to understand all this. My mind kept thinking about it for 2hours after this, still it’s not clear :P.


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