Dream it is -.-zZ

Dream it is.

It seems i am lying on the floor. And there are ripples around me as if its not solid but water around me. The ripples starts to turn into swirl. The swirl is pulling me in, to the dark centre.


It’s again the same dream. I am alone in the dead space. There is nothing there just thick black darkness. Then suddenly everything seems to start shrinking. I panic and start running. But it is still feels like its shrinking. Just when boundary seems to just touch me, BANG, it feels now everything is expanding now. It goes on till some time. Then again it starts to shrink. Earlier i used to wake up because of this oscillation of space. Now, it seems i am comfortable with it. Now i imagine stuff inside this space(monotone – no colour). Not to my expectation, even these things starts to oscillate in size. One sec its normal, other it explodes to humongous size then again to something tiny. It just goes on & on. I can’t control it. Although i am now aware that it is just a dream, i like this dream. Its not a nightmare, it seems to be a playground to imagine stuff. Look into then in different angles. But i can only imagine geometrical shapes , it seems other shapes is out of scope here.

~ _ ~

When awake, found that i was reading about “ The World is a Dream”(Sab Moh Maya Hai). This time this may have been the reason for the dream, though i have seen it many times before.

All this threw me into another thought ride. I would post what the thoughts were later after recollecting them.


3 thoughts on “Dream it is -.-zZ

  1. It’s really nice that you can represent your dream. It will help you in figuring out many things in future.

  2. “Sab moh maya hai ” …. so true … but still so difficult to believe …. by the way …. this life is a dream only ….. although a it last pretty long ….. this will also end one day …. 🙂

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