The Bed of Procrustes

Bed of Procrustes

This was the next book in the stack.Completed reading it yesterday.More of running through its content.I have read two of the books by N.N.Taleb.

“The Black Swan” & “Fooled By Randomnss”.

You must have seen the double digest of them at book stores.It has become a bestseller.They are really worth reading(believe me).But, this one which i completed – it was not even worth buying(personal view).It was filled with Taleb’ s quotes which were coming to his mind.He had presented his view on many different things.I would not like to quote them here, however there were some which was appealing to my mind also.I came to know now, how’s is his opinions which led him to write such a magnificent skeptic book(which i feel true in many cases).Overall this book was thumbs down from me.But do read those two.They may look preposterous to the narrow-mind & stereotyped,  although it gave me so real & different perspective for the mind.


(PS- now i am reading some spiritual book(its OSHO ), so not going to post about that)

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