For my caterpillar friends…

For all my friends who will be graduating this year & for all those who have done soThis just came to my mind, reminiscing the college days & observing life right now.Hope you will get it.

College life was the life lived like a caterpillar…totally free enjoying everything. Taking bites of different juicy leaves. Soon we get cocooned in the next stage of life. We pass out from the college and fall into some job. We get entangled, complacent in our mundane daily life, in our work. Only few understand the bond they are in & try to break free from the cocoon of bonds. Those who break free from it become the butterfly. They again move freely but this time in the air. Tasting the nectar of flowers. Seeping in the nature, watching the world with new eyes, new vigour and enjoy it. This period feels to be short, after all when you are most happy, enjoying to the fullest life seam to take a time jump. In the end, we will put the seeds for the next generation. But many of the caterpillars remain in the cocoon for there lifetime. Unable to break it. In the end both will die. But each with his own experience. Both will be seeding the minds of next generation with there experience. They have lived there life, its now the turn of the next gen. To become a wispy Butterfly.

Break the cocoon become the butterfly & see the splendid sun rise & shine, with a glass of nectar of the beautiful flowers.


5 thoughts on “For my caterpillar friends…

  1. Totally awesome and nice observation. I am now going to enter in the cocoon and will try to break the bond soon.
    May The Force Be With All of Us

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