the WAR of ART

By Steven Pressfield

A kick in the guts. A jewel to be kept beside you. This is what i found in the review comments for this book. It made me crave for what is in there, that so many people are providing hundreds of sucg review. Moreover it was something about art, creative process.

I bought it, but judging from outside i thought my money went in drain. But, it was one of the best book i have bought. It is really a Gem, something i would like to read again. The language is so easy to understand that it make’s a cogent & smart but hard hitting point.

The major part is based on the RESISTANCE , our strongest enemy. Anyone who reads this can identify with the resistance he faces & the one’s given here. Some people might not agree with some points on Resistance. The next part deals with Turning Pro with the last part concerned with moving higher. I can’t provide any snippet of the book as it as a concise one with just 150 pages & big fonts.

I would say if you are in pursuit of perfection in something or in a process to improve some part of yourself, this one is one of the best book you can buy.

This book was the reason that i started again with blogging & drawing after an extending gap. Thanks to this book i finally started this section. I am going to read it whenever i don’t have any other book with me.   Do read this one.


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