READs till now.

Inspired from the last book i completed “The War of Art”(A real gem), i am finally starting the READs section of my Blog.

So now about this section.I love reading, don’t have any particular taste.If somethings catches me & my imagination then its the one to be read.Reading is sort of meditation for me, a way to develop myself through stories through introspection.On second thought i sometimes use it as a resistance to procrastinate work which needs to be done.It gets me out of boredom & sometimes into it.

In my house there are 4-5 shelves stacked with  books(different genre,subject).I used to just pick one & start reading it.In the last 3-4 years i developed the habit of reading.When i came to Bangalore, i decided  to continue with it.So , I joined JustBooks.clc(a library chain).Till date i have read around 20 books.Most of them completed while sitting in the Bus on the way to office.Some of them which i can recall are:

-choose your path

-the magic of thinking big


-The starfish & the spider


-the Black Swan

-When the penny drops

-Super Freakonomics

-23 things they don’t tell you about capitalism

-make the move

-connect the dots

-osho- intuition

-the element

-the war of art

-psychology textbook

-The leader who had no title

-where has all the leaders gone

-Freud Along  The Ganges

-Psychology – A textbook

Others i can’t recall right now. :P. Lets see how many i can read this year and surely i have gained a lot more than the book count.

PS- I will start one more section on something i really like.


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