Keeping my promise to myself i am posting again. I will be trying to post more often about my thoughts rather than the how frustrated i get sometimes. Surely i will start my read section soon.

I came to know from the JustBooks.clc data that since September last year i have read around 15 books. Yes, plus 5 more which i bought when i was going to Kolkata in Diwali (too expensive deals).I am trying to remember what there was in every book, but only few comes to my mind. Right now i am reading the “23 Things they don’t tell you about Capitalism”-an interesting book.

I am also going to create a new category for some of my friends, they compose good stuff. Some of them was on my old blog(which i have deleted now).

Being a Animation fan, i have been glued to the BLEACH series. I have to complete it. Japanese make such an awesome storyline & animation is like play of hands for them. PRAY FOR JAPAN.(Hope they come out of this disaster soon and again rise like sun).




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