Some thoughts

I recently somewhere(where i don’t remember) that the music lies between the notes.At that time i was reading the book “Tao of Pooh & Te of Piglet”(about which i am gona post in the my reads section).It was about Tao, so it gave me thought about the joy & the fear in the anticipation.And when we finally come to know the result of that anticipated moment, the feeling just changes….aaww,noo,ooof,why,yes,yeaahh.But it only remains for a small time.And again we start the anticipation.The same i thought about the music,at each pause,there is a expectation about which note will be the next.Suddenly the next note is heard filling us with its soul.This  flow of pause & sudden changes in the music makes it so powerful & mesmerizing.

But nowadays, most of our system where we live is  dominated by the speculation of everything.The whole stock works on the speculation & prediction of values.Products trying to make the consumer feel that the product will make him feel like this or that.It just takes away the feeling of surprise which comes from the anticipation,as there is already something filled in our mind.And the ironic part is, the things which we are afraid of(blasts,accidents,e.t.c) they are always predicted in a positive way….mostly leaving us in the negative impact of the failure of our anticipated future.

That’s why i don’t like prediction from my side,either pure work or just shear luck.Let the dice roll.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts

  1. Yeah thats the stuff…
    I like the whole post and the way you have presented it but my favorite is : Pure Work or Shear Luck..

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