My Spider of Guilt

I didn’t wanted to start up with something negative,but here goes my post.
GUILT.n.Remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offence.

This guilt infects almmost most of us in one way or other.For me, i visualise the guilt as a Spider,crawling over my head,creating its web.Evertime i feel it was because of me that some event happened which made someone feel bad,It creates one more string,strenghening its web.Even if i clear all these guiltwebs and feel,the spider is gone,it either just jumps back on my mind or makes me realize it is still attached with a string-ready to form its web.I have recently found out that many of my good friends are always in tension from all the webs they have created for themselves.And i don’t know how to get rid of it either.Only thing i can do is clear the webs from my head,just like we clean our house of them.Keeping in mind that it will again get formed.
There is a Question in my mind-Should i try to kill the spider and end this repentness OR Does this makes me empathic towards others and keep check on my deeds?
(PS-i made the drawing myself :P)

3 thoughts on “My Spider of Guilt

  1. So True. We all are always covered with our guilt webs and that is a thing which realize us that we are still alive and somehow are moving towards success, by learning from our mistakes.

  2. The spider analogy reminds me of the opening of Susanna’s Seven Husbands, where Bond talks about how a black widow spider eats up her husband. (I picked this up recently, considering I haven’t watched the 7 khoons happen on the screen)
    Guilt is very hard to avoid looking in the eye. I wish you luck handling the same. It sure does keep a good/bad check though. On second thoughts, guilt is probably a very important member of the moral police.

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