#1st post

Blogging starts again.My Space

I thought i will start the Blog from 1st of Feb.But again was late(not usual).I was not in a very good mood for few days.From yesterday,it just started to rise,i am in a really good mood now.I read the Book “The Black Swan”  voraciously , also i found the next part of the movie that started this habit of mine to read broadly.

Now about the Blog.This is my second attempt in blogging, i closed my last blog.(Reason:i wanted it like this one,its gonna improve now).I wanted a section for pictures,movies & songs and one just for books i read.One section for whatever else.I am also thinking to add one more category: (Somethings from my friends) Any idea for that Tab.??

Hope this one goes as i think it should.

Keep Smiling 🙂



2 thoughts on “#1st post

  1. Hope this time you have an amazing blog experience. Guess it is something all of us go through. I, myself, am on my 5th blog. Last year I decided to stick with just one blog and it is fanning out to be satisfactorily this year.
    Hang on stick with this one from the very beginning and it would turn into something awesome.
    BTW I loved your pic “Where am myself?” This picture indeed speaks a thousand words.
    Best of luck

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